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May has been a very busy month, we have received a lot of orders across our sales channels, but sadly this paired with shortages and postal delays on certain products we use during production has lead to some of our colors being out of stock. We are now working hard to get the missing colors back on our website.  They should all be back within the next week!

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After restocking, we got back to creating new colors! Available starting today: Savanna Green Marsh Green Two Tone Green We are currently working hard to expand further, as we plan to add tufts in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, for added variety and to fit into more scales(Ho, 32mm, 28mm) We have also finally opened a proper store on ebay. -Max

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Today, we have added 8 new tuft styles to our store.  Red Wildflower Yellow  Wildflower Blue Wildflower Lavender Wildflower Green Thicket Bushes Midnight Blue Dry steppe Grass Frosted Yellow/Brown Hay    In the next few weeks we plan on adding more to further flesh our collection. 

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